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Dracula (Bram Stocker)

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Je garde le cap en anglais grâce à Penguin Reader. Maman vient de m’acheter Dracula (niveau 3 : Pre-Intermediate) que j’ai littéralement bu… Un breuvage à lire sans modération pour  faire des progrès en anglais… Le livre était vendu avec CD-audio (pratique pour garder la bonne prononciation)…




Count Dracula is a vampire. He drinks people’s blood. He lives in a lonely castle in the mountains of Transylvania. But then he comes to England… Professor Van Helsing knows about vampires, but can he stop Dracula ?


He closed his eyes and began to feel sleepy. But, after a short time, he had a strange feeling that he was not alone.
Three young women were watching him from the shadows, and they were talking in low voices. They moved out into the moonlight. He saw then, through half-open eyes, that they were very beautiful. When they laughed, the moonlight shone on long, white teeth.
As they came nearer, their eyes shone red. They filled the air with their excited laughing. Jonathan felt in his heart that they were evil. But, for some reason, he did not feel afraid. There was something about them that excited him. He wanted them to come to him, to touch him…
The fairest girl went down on her knees next to the bed and put her face close to his. Jonathan felt her soft breath on the side of his neck. Two sharp teeth were resting lightly on his skin. He closed his eyes and waited. He was unable to move…
Suddently there was a loud noise. He opened his eyes and saw, by the side of his bed, a tall, black shape. It was the count. His face was as white as the death but his eyes burned like two small fires.
« I told you not to touch him ! » the count said angrily. He took the woman by her neck and threw her across the room. « This man is mine ! I will use him first. Then, and only then… »
« So what fun can we have tonight ? » one of the women asked.


Je suis dans ma période « vampire ». Je ne pouvais passer à coté de ce grand classique de Bram Stoker ! Et en plus, en anglais !!!
Oui, dans cette collection, le texte est simplifié mais reste fidèle à l’original…
A book to be read and to be read again to make delicious nightmares…


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  1. Pemy dit :

    Hello, it really interesting, thanks

  2. Marina dit :

    Il est excellent ^^

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